Woodharbor Doors & Cabinetry

Quality Tells The Story

Woodharbor construction is a unique blend of individual attention and high-tech precision.  This method was developed during our decades of hand-crafting superior wood products.

  • Detailed Handiwork By Craftsmen At Key Stages
  • Automated Process For Optimal Efficiency
  • Maximum Quality In Every Step
  • Supervised By Woodharbor Specialist 

Woodharbor Offers

  • Woodharbor Premium Custom Doors & Cabinetry
    Use finest materials for durable, beautiful products.
  • Custom Rockglen Cabinetry
    Offer Woodharbor excellence plus great value.
  • Semi-custom PrairieLake Doors
    Offer Woodharbor excellence plus great value. 

Highest Quality Standards Used

  • Meticulous Selection Of Wood
  • Durable Hardwood Dowel Joinery 
  • Careful Transportation In Woodharbor Air Ride Furniture Vans 

Woodharbor creations will bring your home to life!

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